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The three CDs listed here are now available for free download, one song at a time. Just right click and choose "Save target as" if you are using a PC. On a Mac you need to control-click. If you just want to listen, just click on the title. It is all there for your enjoyment.

If you would like to have a physical disc of one of these, come to one of my performances where I will present you with a copy personally. You can also ask me to mail them to you, by sending me an email. You can then send me a check. I am pretty trusting, you see. These older CDs are just $5 each, although if you want me to mail them that will cost you a little extra because it costs me a little extra.

Thunder is available at all Kansas City Borders stores and online at www.digstation.com/jimabel.and www.cdbaby.com.


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1. Decoration Day
2. More Than A Home
3. The Weatherman
4. Dreaming of Harry
5. Sail Into the Wind
6. Puff's Revenge
7. Nostalgia
8. Present Company Excepted
9. Smile Want You Want Me
10. On the Cover of LIFE
11. Eraser
12. Greenhouse Windows
1. State of the Union
2. The Trumpet of War
3. The Day St. Patrick Brought the Snakes Back to Ireland
4. La Rue de la Paix
5. The Modern Diplomat
6. All My Friends
7. rumors abound
8. Patriot Act
9. Daddy's In the Desert
1. Jimmy Got Lucky
2. Jessie's Virtual Blues
3. Stages
4. If You Were An Angel
5. Ten Speeds and Tank Tops
6. Widow of Opportunity
7. Live from Death Valley Junction
8. Getting Ahead
9. 59 Seconds
10. You Must Believe
11. I'll Never Understand Love
12. Life Never Comes Out Even
13. Parallel Lives
14. A Song for You
15. All Downhill from There