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Midday News, WDAF-TV 4, 5/26/08


What do we do when the storm is rising?
What do we do when the sky goes to ground?
Do we cover up and hide in the cellar?
Do we pull the drapes to muffle the sound?
No, we find a match and put on the music:
The candle is lit. The fire will burn.

When thunder rolls in and the lights all go out,
the party begins and ends with a shout.
The lightning may rip as if it had soul.
Give reason the slip when the thunder rolls!

The music is loud,  just as it should be.
Wear those red shoes. I'll put on a black hat.
You won't need a gown. Our storms are not formal.
Now kick off those shoes. I'm waiting for that.
The saxophones moan, the thunder their partner.
Heaven's own light show reflects on the band.


What do we do when the storm is fading?
What do we do  when the gods are done?
Must we climb up from down in the cellar,
throw open the drapes and hope for the sun?
No, we found a match and put on the music:
The candle's still lit. Our fire still burns.


© 2007 by Jim Abel
All rights reserved.

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