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More Than A Home
Words and Music by Jim Abel

There's a land I know where the day begins slow,
with a faint fairy kiss and the softest rising mist,
where you're rarely more than a brisk walk from the shore
and a friend is always nearby.


The air was clear and the grass was green
in the loveliest valley I've ever seen,
with the rock-ribbed fields rolling down to the sea
more than a home to me . . . Ireland.

With my lass I journeyed from fair Dublin town
to the Mourne's broad shoulders up in County Down.
Connemara by the sea wove a lover's spell on me
where the sun hides in the western sky.


Every ballad's refrain speaks of Troubles and pain,
how in Bogside and Derry the scars and hate remain.
But there is a great heart in fair Eire's every part
and a peace that springs from the land.


As I move the world 'round dreams of Ireland abound
and my friends all, by God, claim to hail from the old sod.
Though the Irish are few, in a way it's all true
when the world says heaven it means Ireland.


© 2005 by Jim Abel
All Rights Reserved

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