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June 14, 2008

JIM ABEL/Thunder: "So here’s a cat that has pretty much been able to live the dream.  Spending his professional time as a successful investor, which let him hang around the house and write songs, he’s been able to have one foot each in the real world and the fantasy world and do his own thing pretty much left to his own devices.  Although 60 years old, he’s as alt as any young whippersnapper, probably because he feels a real kinship to cats like Tom Paxton as opposed to a spiritual one.  Nicely different folkie stuff, because he didn’t have to play by the rules, he made up his own and it’s fun to hear the outcome."

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jim Abel: "Thunder"

"Jim Abel is living his dream, writing, recording, and playing his unique style of music in front of live audiences all around the Kansas City area.  This, his fourth album, is dripping with proof that this man truly loves what he does ...."

"On the album-opener, "Jenny O'Farrell," for example, the layers and layers of instruments really make the song worth remembering."

"There are a few that stand out, like the beautiful and poignant "The Mystery of Life" or the equally impressive "We Won't Mention It Again" where the following line really stood out to me:"

Come, dear Clare, friend beyond compare, let us wander as we dare, 

till our footsteps rhyme for the only time, 

and we won't mention it again. 

An hour or two, till the ev'ning dew and the healing fog comes in. 

Our hands might touch, but not too much, 

and we won't mention it again. 

"His songs are vivid in their imagery, which makes the poignant songs more touching and the humorous ones ("Never Give Advice" or "Swappin'") funnier."

"What Thunder has that many albums these days don't is "passion.' "

"Jenny O'Farrell" by Jim Abel

"Jim Abel found his interest in Celtic music by listening to it. When he traveled to Ireland, he heard it played live in its original setting. From then on, he meshed his American music stylings with the tunes of the old Celtic world. Beautiful music was born out of this. As well as his love of American folk music, he has been influenced by the American Songbook as well as Broadway. His style is unique and brings something new to the genre that's sure to please everyone."


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