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I have four CDs available, elsewhere on this website. Thunder is right here and three earlier CDs are here. But I know hardly anyone buys CDs these days. Truth is, way too many people don't buy music at all, although we all certainly listen. I am just saying ... Nevertheless, you can download the stuff on my CDs, one song at a time, without paying. I am just happy to have you listen.

But there are dozens of songs and lots of recordings which are not on CDs and for which I cannot figure out why I should go to the work and expense of putting together a CD, when I can just let you download them. So, here they are. If you want to download the song, right click and choose "Save target as" if you are using a PC. On a Mac you need to control-click. If you only want to listen, just click on the title. It is all there for your enjoyment.

I also have a little special I have offered for a time, although I generally forget to mention it. If you hear a song at one of my performances, you would like a recording, and it is not here on my site, let me know and I will get it to you. I write all of the time and record infrequently. If you ask, it will encourage me to get off my butt and do some real work. Write the request on an open ticket to Dublin and drop it in the tip jar, mention it to me (don't forget to give me your email address), or drop me a note. I will eventually get around to recording the song and sending you a pretty high quality mp3 file of your very own.


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Sorta Funny Songs Mildly Political Oh So Inspirational Little Stories
1.   Eat A Cupcake
2.   Life Never Comes Out Even
3.   High Stakes Polka
4.   I Saw the Face of Jesus
5.   Let's Share
6.   Venice
7.   What Was So Wrong With the Sixties?
8.   When Mickey Met Minnie
9.   Let's Share
10. I Smile
11. Johnny Was Hung
12. Airport Security Blues
1.  A Modest Proposal
2.  Haven't I Seen This All Before?
3.  Easter
4.  Half Mast
5.  Harvey Bought A Farm
6.  A Hymn for the Living
7.  It's Time
8.  Aid and Comfort
1.  All Your Best
2. What Goes Down
3. Take Love Where You Find It
4. Listen to the Music
5. Just Move On
6. Your Every Move



1. Still the Rain
2. One Mile South
3. The Lesson
4.  Where the Old Folks Live
5. You Must Come from Ireland
6.  My Father's Life
7. Quartermaster's Ball
8.  Pretty Good Start
9. What More Could Anyone Wish?
10. Enough Love
11. Why Don't You Let Me Take You Home?
12. Half A Lifetime (of your love)